New Look, New Architecture

14 April 2016

We have a new skin this week and with it a whole heap of changes to Epochs. Some are skin-deep, others structural. Why?  Originally envisioned as a hobby blog Epochs is now a three man team working on weekly articles and quarterly features. As the site grew we realised the old site was unsustainable—it needed a new architecture behind it. We’ve added a backend tailored for us that will help us to write, edit and publish articles faster and easier.

With the new architecture we’ve launched a newsletter (which you can signup to at the bottom of this page) and a bunch of social media channels you can follow us on if an article a week doesn’t quite scratch your itch.


So what are we becoming? We’re going to stick to what we’ve always done—long-form content that explores ideas around menswear that get lost in all the hype. On a quarterly basis we will produce a high-quality feature that explores a specific nook or cranny of menswear. These will be along the lines of our popular Nautical Guide or Camouflage in Menswear. We hope to include more original illustration and photography, interviews and city guides.


Launching the new website is just the beginning though. We’ll continue to refine and improve as we move forward. If you have a suggestion or feedback then let us know by writing to

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