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New Project: Typical Contents

11 September 2020

Three years after we decided to call time on Epochs, we found a new reason to get together and talk about clothes. All it took was a few months off during a global pandemic.

This time we wanted to focus on the everyday. The kind of thing you put on without having to think twice: great t-shirts, boxers, sweatpants, canvas sneakers. We wanted to focus on design, longevity, quality and ethics and really get into the details of individual categories. We wanted to apply the level of rigour that rarely gets applied in the world of fashion or clothing. We wanted to think about our uniform, what matters most to us and try all of it to see what stands out. Improve what you wear everyday. 

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We'll continue creating the sort of articles that people responded to so well from Epochs, longform pieces that deep-dive on a single topic like our favourite people’s personal style, the history of clothing and the best pieces to source vintage. 

If any of that piqued your interest, we hope you'll come visit us at Typical Contents and check out our instagram.

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