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Profile in Style: Sofia Coppola

09 January 2017

“You're considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.”

—Sofia Coppola

In the opening shot of Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost In Translation, the viewer is introduced to the story via a close up of the female protagonist’s derrière as she lies in bed alone. The actress, an ingénue-ish Scarlett Johansson, is clothed in underpants of ample cut and limited opacity. This now iconic image is at the same time undeniably sensual and quietly aloof. 

One of the hallmarks of Sofia’s filmmaking is her knack for depicting women as provocative, without overriding more substantial qualities or resorting to crassness. This theme of her work, also applies to the way she presents herself through a personal style that is—in my opinion—one of the most infallible of any contemporary female celebrity.

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Sofia Copolla Paris Street

A public figure from a young age—due to her lineage in the famous Ford Coppola film dynasty—her style journey is well documented. Her career actually started in fashion and an early foray as a designer lead to her heading up the brand Milk Fed. Looking back at images of Sofia in the ‘90s, it’s a cavalcade of shrunken tees and slip dresses that capture the riot grrrl zeitgeist of the time. While the aesthetic of the scene was often brash, it’s difficult to find an image of Sofia herself wearing anything that feels overt.

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As her creative career transitioned, she took on the role of a director in the fierce, male-dominated world of feature films. Her personal style evolved and she developed sartorial trademarks that are notably rooted in the duality of soft and strong.  She wears simple, streamlined silhouettes, sometimes embellished with girlish flounces or playful patterns. Often, outfits include masculine elements like oversized Charvet shirts or tuxedo trousers, offset by delicate fabrics or ladylike shoes.

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She has an interest in fashion not as an art but rather part of the ‘art of living’. Like good books, good music, beautiful interiors, art.

—Marc Jacobs

This point of view; of dressing not just to look beautiful, but as a way of expressing and appreciating the art of life, obviously informs her personal style. The clothing she chooses always appears to seamlessly complement her persona, and not the other way around. 

The Look

Sofia Copolla The Look

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