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The End of an Epoch

10 September 2017

All good things come to an end and Epochs is no exception. After a three year run we’re going to enter dormancy. This is just a short note to tell you about where we were when we started, who we are now and where we see Epochs going from here.

Three years ago, living in eastern Finland and looking for something to do during the long winter nights, I began the site. The original reason, besides being an outlet to write about something I love (the history of Menswear) was a chance to learn how to code in HTML and CSS and build a website from the ground up. Three years later I’m living in London and working full time as a stylist (largely as a result of Epochs) and my coding abilities remain ...arbitrary.

While I’m happy to say menswear has become my profession, it’s unfortunately something I find less and less time to write about. I often have ideas that don’t quite fit the mold of Epochs, and it’s with a pang of guilt that I realise even the modest goal of one article every two weeks is daunting.  This has been compounded by no longer being in close proximity with my collaborators, my brother Patrick (now based in Vancouver) and good friend Andrew (still in Dublin). Without our weekly sessions bouncing around ideas and discussing the finer points of menswear, Epochs hasn’t quite felt the same.

Patrick and Andrew stepped in after approximately a year of struggle on my own and  did a superb job redesigning Epochs from scratch. They replaced my messy, laboured code and created a new design language for the site. They also steered the creation of three fantastic feature articles (you can read all three here) that brought hundreds of thousands of views and I believe constitute the best of our work together. Patrick even gave a comprehensive talk on our process in Vancouver at Type Brigade this year. Both continue to create thoughtful, beautiful and creative design and you can keep up with them at their respective websites and twitter feeds (Andrew’s twitter and website, Patrick’s twitter and website).

Finally, I want to thank you effusively for engaging with our work, especially those of you who have been here since the start. We hope to return in the future in a different capacity, possibly in video or print (you can sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about this) but for the moment we’ll be dormant, waiting for the next big thing. We hope you enjoyed our run.

P.S. If you're interested in my fashion musings, please follow the Epochs instagram which I’ll continue using as an outlet.


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